a rock band born in brooklyn, ny

Planta was formed in 2003 by vocalist and guitarist Ricardo Ponce and lead guitarist Marcelo Dominguez creating a style influenced by rock, jazz, Argentinean pop, and the New York music scene. With the addition of Jean-Paul Le Du on bass and Joe Hauser on drums, Planta has flourished into an unstoppable, hard hitting four-piece. Together they play off of one another while creating unique sounds and nuances that tickle the ears of music enthusiasts and satisfying the raw soul of the singer-songwriter. Audience members gravitate to their psychedelic distortion and sound.

Planta Bring Their Powerful, Epic, Psychedelic Art-Rock to the West Village…. Watching the five-piece Queens art-rockers shift through all sorts of permutations, and grooves, and tunes with an epic intensity was like getting to see Pink Floyd in a small club. The show was that good…. This band desreves a stage as big as their sound.

– Delarue, New York Music Daily

In a time where modern rock music is so segmented and record labels put little to no effort in marketing new bands, it’s refreshing to hear a band like Planta.  Their sound is as diverse as the members of the band – cosmic, bluesy and sometimes pure rock – and yet you get the sense that each song is meticulously crafted.  

– Jared Zeide, Writer

Steers the listeners to a more adventurous, ambient and distinct journey into rock music. The collection of songs represents the band’s uncanny ability to maintain through strong technique the essence of simplicity.

– Lara Dominguez, Designer

07 Jul 2018 Yonkers, New York Phillips Manor Hall Phillips Manor Hall
27 Jan 2018 Yonkers, New York Phillips Manor Hall Phillips Manor Hall
11 Aug 2017 New York, New York Lovecraft Lovecraft
21 Jul 2017 Brooklyn, New York The Well The Well
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27 Aug 2016 Elmhurst, New York Terraza 7 Terraza 7
14 May 2016 New York Terraza 7 Terraza 7
15 Apr 2016 New York Leftfield Bar Leftfield Bar
23 Jan 2016 New York Terraza 7 Terraza 7
05 Dec 2015 New York The Bitter End The Bitter End






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