Keep the Light On

Title : Keep the Light On
Release Date : May 5, 2015
Format : Digital Download

Keep the Light On is Planta’s second album and steers the listeners to a more adventurous, ambient and distinct journey into rock music. The collection of songs represents the band’s uncanny ability to maintain through strong technique the essence of simplicity. From tender melodies, soul-reaching vocals, infectious guitars, and tight rhythms, Planta’s latest sound palette and textures offer among many an inner escape and experience for dreamy stare-through-the-window moments, letting your mind wander and smiling at its poetry.

Guitar and Lead Vocals: Ricardo Ponce
Lead Guitar: Marcelo Dominguez
Bass: Jean-Paul Le Du
Drums and Sound Effects: Joe Hauser

Produced by Planta
All songs written, arranged, and performed by Planta
Tracks 1,2,4, and 6 recorded at Brokentime Studios.
Tracks 3, 5, and 7 Recorded at Soundworks Recording Studio
All tracks mixed and mastered by Kamilo Kratc at Soundworks Recording Studio


In a time where modern rock music is so segmented and record labels put little to no effort in marketing new bands, it’s refreshing to hear a band like Planta. Their sound is as diverse as the members of the band – cosmic, bluesy and sometimes pure rock – and yet you get the sense that each song is meticulously crafted. Unlike the typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus structure of most modern rock bands, Planta allows the mood and structure to flow naturally, making for an unpredictable experience. Most importantly, whether you’re grooving to the catchy riffs of “Pantalla de Piel” (Skin Screen) or the soaring solo on “Corazon Inconsciente” (Unconscious Heart), you’re listening to enjoyable, quality tunes…no thanks to any record label.
– Jared Zeide, Writer