Planta has been hitting the studio hard trying to ramp up to a three song recording session this past Monday.  One can’t overstate the tremendous amount of respect each has for the other in Planta.  At some point in each song someone is thinking “damn, that groove is heavy” or “that layered riff is haunting and beautiful”, “genius…”. It’s a type of respect that is unspoken and places in the other’s hand their own baby to cradle without hesitation. It’s a special place we go in our minds within a the padded walls of a studio where an immaculate rhythmic conception begins, a spontaneous sound effect generation, the big melodic bang and suddenly yet purely organically without any coercion a new song is conceived. We are free to to talk about symbolic emotions we’re attempting to convey and give each other suggestions of what notes, with what effects, in which style, and what order to play them in. It’s the place where art and math collide, symmetry weds surrealism.    She incubates for a few sessions, sometimes stored away in the back of our minds to mature like seeds cultivated before the winter, but eventually takes shape and blooms into a masterpiece. The new song is born and deserves a proper name, one reflecting of it’s strength and passion.

One of the three songs we’re recording, “Like a Gun”,  has reached that end. She’s ready for the world and Monday we’ll get her down to analog tape for all to share while Friday, the 24th,  we gonna show her off for a warm, welcoming crowd at Terraza 7. Planta can’t help its self but to start creating whenever the inspiration hits.  Four men enter a studio, three songs leave, and we’re ready to start the process all over again. But in the meantime, let’s get together and we’ll leave it all out on the suspended stage, exposed:

Terraza 7

October 24th, 9pm
40-19 Gleane St,
Elmhurst, NY 11373
Two sets, new songs 



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